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Strategic Review

When placing a Work4ce employee with one of our client companies, it is important that they are qualified and experienced. It is equally important that the company and individual share the same work ethic, values and expectations.

Work4ce’s services are highly prized by our client companies because we maintain responsibility and control over our employees. Our strategic review and hiring process is thorough and effective. Our screening and employee placement process ensures that you get who you need, when you need them. We ask those tough questions that get the necessary information, then perform a search of our database of professionals and present you with only the most qualified candidates.

Work4 Program

At the heart of Work4ce is the Work4 Program which offers your company a variety of staffing options:

Work4Us – Employee Leasing

An excellent way to get the person with the specialized skill set and qualifications you need without the administrative hassles. Work4ce will place one of our own employees at your organization on a contract basis, taking care of payroll, employee benefits, insurance, and HR. As the direct employer of our employees, Work4ce retains the right to hire, promote, supervise, and terminate our employees.

Work4Term – Project Support

Need support for a temporary project? Let Work4ce partner with you to find the solution you need, when you need it. Work4ce can recruit the people you need; from management to project implementation, ensuring the job is done on-time and on-budget.

Work4U – Direct Hire

The most traditional service that Work4ce offers, we will find qualified individuals to meet your needs on a permanent basis.

The Work4 Program 4-step Hiring Process

1. Recruiting4U

Work4ce’s proactive recruiting philosophy provides us with a pool of pre-qualified employees to draw from. We ensure that we’re ready when you are.

2. Screening4U

This rigid process includes a variety of screening elements. We customize our program to meet your specific requirements and ensure a good skill-set match for your needs. Screening can include: employment history checks, background checks, credit checks, drug testing and psychological testing. Simply let us know your requirements and we will find the right individual for you!

3. Testing4U

Once a candidate has been screened we perform a variety of testing elements such as online technical testing, EQ assessment, communications skills testing and performance verification.

4. Evaluation4U

As a part of our continual improvement process, we monitor our own performance and the performance of our contract employees. This process allows us to identify issues early, and act on them before they become a problem.