About Us

Engineering Specialization

We know your industry and the skills you need to strengthen your company. Work4ce is the ideal partner with the knowledge to bring engineering talent to your organization.

  • Software Engineer
  • Construction Coordinator
  • Web Developer
  • System Developer
  • Facility Planner
  • Application Developer
  • Electrical Engineer
    • CAD Specialist

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    More than a warm body, you need the right person, with engineering expertise. Work4ce is the right source to help you find the people you want with the skills you need.

    • Maintenance Engineer
    • Process Engineer
    • Millwright
    • Robot Programmer
    • Production Supervisor
    • Machinist
    • Controls Engineer


    Finding the right partner to place you in the perfect role is critical to your workplace success. Work4ce has programs and services that will help you land the right role with the right company.

    • Quality Engineer
    • Project Engineer
    • Product Engineer
    • Test Engineer
    • Logistics Specialist
    • Project Manage
    • Reliability Engineer

    Our History

    Work4ce Inc. was started in 2004 by Keven McRae, a human resources professional with more than 20 years of industry experience, specializing in the recruitment and placement of engineering professionals in both contract and permanent positions. Being an international organization that operates out of both the U.S. and Canada allows us to go where the talent is.

    At Work4ce Inc., we meet the needs of our clients while providing unique and challenging opportunities to our candidates. We attribute this success to our recruiting specialist and our experience in the engineering and automotive fields. We track the industries, join professional associations and keep abreast of the market trends and innovations in this exciting business sector.