Engineering Specialization

At Work4ce we understand the engineering sector because that is what we specialize in. We pride ourselves in overseeing the progress and performance of highly-capable and highly-skilled:


The right people for the right project

Work4ce Inc. has forged a role in overseeing contract engineers, designers and information technology professionals onsite with manufacturers across North America. We maintain project support and review of work performance for our placements with clients for:

  • Hydroforming
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Materials Handling
  • Paint Shop
  • Robotics
  • Stamping
  • Surface Development
  • Tooling

Your Automotive Specialists

The needs of the automotive industry are unique and demanding. We understand the intricacies of the auto production life cycle. With experience in both domestic and Japanese processes at the OEM and the Tier One level, we have a pool of candidates ready to go to work where and when you need them.